Scott Shucher

“I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with David on voice projects for more than ten years. David’s ability to take direction and convey emotion with subtle nuances in his delivery is a win-win for both me and my clients’ projects.”

Christopher Graefe

“David is the most skilled and versatile professional voice talent that I have encountered in my 2 decade+ production career. He makes the extra effort to truly understand our audience, intent, and market before every recording, and thus his first takes are usually the final takes. The speed and attention to detail that David delivers is paramount, and is the primary reason our firm uses him exclusively for our diverse catalog of projects.”

Greg Filias

“David hasn’t been just the perfect voice or VO talent for my varied projects; he makes recording and producing them so very easy. The consummate professional, David can adapt to anything I throw at him, and he’s been able to turn the projects around as quickly as I’ve needed some of them. Always an enjoyable experience working with David. Thank you!”

Karen A. Hamlin

“The projects we do for Pharma are demanding and sometimes very technical. We have worked with David for over 8 years and on every project, he’s the ultimate professional. He practices the script in advance, researches pronunciation, and takes direction extremely well. He’ll do as many takes as needed to get it right and he delivers the finished product to our specification, always on time. David is a joy to work with in every regard and carries our highest recommendation.”

Derrick DeLuties

“David has a gift for translating scripts exactly the way I’ve imagined them in my head beforehand. His range and natural, warm delivery compel audiences to listen. And with his decades of radio experience, he often goes the extra mile to clean up his recordings or add in filters to help us save time and money. That’s why our relationship is going on 15 years.”

Alex Herko

“David has always been our go-to guy when we need voiceover work or on-screen talent. Through dozens of projects and many years, David has helped ensure our production processes go smoothly, and always provides us the quality work we require. With his professionalism and talents, he’ll continue to be my first call for these projects.”

Shea Butler

“David makes my job easy! His flexibility with recording from a home studio, patience with taking direction, and consistency with rendering quality final products keep my clients returning with repeat requests to use his talent. He is at the top of my recommendation list!”

Barb Gagne

“David is such a pleasure to work with! He can take any script, and turn it into a powerful recording, infusing rich tones and adding inflections at key points for extra punch. He’s very easy to work with; his professionalism stands above the rest!”

Rick Felty

“We work with David because we know exactly what we’ll get on every shoot and session. His professionalism, style, delivery, and intelligent interpretation of the copy are a dream when bringing our clients’ projects to life. He understands what we want and delivers every time. Oh, and he’s fun to work with. Thanks David, more to come!”

Michelle Sweet

“David makes words on a page come alive with warmth, seriousness, and most importantly, with genuine authenticity. His sound and delivery is just right, in a way that you think should be easy, but in fact, is quite rare. He has absolute command over his ‘instrument’ in terms of copy length and adjustment of tone. He’s responsive to direction and flexible in terms of scheduling, and he’s a delight to work with to boot. Voice-over talent doesn’t get much better than David O’Leary.”