Male Voice Over Talent/
Narrator On-Camera Talent

A Boston Radio/TV veteran with over 30 years of experience under the "On-Air" light, David has earned a reputation as a voice-over pro, and a likeable guy to boot. Widely regarded as warm, relatable and sincere, David has a knack for smoothly conveying information while speaking directly and personally to each member of the audience.

A skilled interviewer and easy conversationalist, David guides his guests effortlessly, keeping them at ease while hitting all the key talking points. An experienced narrator/announcer, David’s ease behind the microphone translates into consistently smooth, articulate, relatable reads that make production time a snap.

Roll up some business savvy and industry knowledge with a strong sense for what works, and David brings far more to a project than just his relatable and gracious persona. Simply put, he gets it. He’s an intelligent, enthusiastic, creative voice over pro with ideas and insights that can help you achieve your goals, whatever your project may be. If you have a project or just some ideas that you’re still formulating, click on a category above and envision what David can do for you. Or, contact David to discuss - and discover - everything that your script could be.









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