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Podcasts are all the rage. And while most are well-intentioned, too many suffer from poor organization, sound quality, and editing.

It’s not surprising, either. Most people who record podcasts might be passionate and knowledgeable about their subject but don’t have any production or storytelling experience.

That’s where I come in. I’ve worked in radio for over four decades, both on-air as a personality and behind the scenes as a production director. My radio sensibilities make me different from all the other freelance podcast producers out there.

I have no doubt those other podcast producers have good intentions. But I have the intentions AND the expertise to help elevate your podcast to something special.


FAQS about my podcast production services

Here’s an overview of what I can do as a freelance podcast producer. Some clients need everything, while others only need one or two services.

  • Producing and directing episodes
  • Recording (virtually or in person)
  • Directing/coaching hosts and guests
  • Editing, mixing, and turning around a finished audio podcast

I use professional microphones and recording hardware (Shure SM58 and ProTools). For virtual sessions, I typically use ZenCastr as a platform. ZenCastr is similar to Zoom, but it has much better audio quality. Plus, the audio is delivered on separate tracks, giving me more editing options. Learn more about my home studio.

Costs for a  typical podcast with a single host and a single guest would be around $1000, depending on the length of the podcast. Of course, having additional guests often means additional editing and additional costs as a result. The best way to know how much it will cost is to reach out for a custom quote.

I use several music licensing websites that have a vast collection of music available (at a cost) for podcasts and more.

I offer guidance on creating an outline for the podcast (if needed by the client) before the recording session, and guidance on storytelling and conveying info during the podcast recording session itself.

It really depends on how involved the podcast is (for example, how many different guests, how long the recording session is, and so forth). But I understand the timeliness of the podcast platform and work to turn around podcasts as quickly as possible (most often in a few days and sooner if needed.)

My podcast clients include John Hancock, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association/Air Safety Institute, and Catalyst Pharmaceuticals/Fycompa. Click on the AOPA and Hancock Talks logos to listen to examples.

I love telling a story or conveying info and taking all the time needed to do it in an informed yet compelling way. Also, I enjoy working with interview guests who aren’t used to speaking into mics and getting them comfortable so that they’re happy with what they sound like in the finished product.

David O'Leary


Hear what David’s customers are saying about his work

With over a decade of partnership, David has consistently exceeded expectations, delivering exceptional podcast production and voice-over work. Every project is on time and with the exact message and direction we want. His meticulous attention to detail, extensive knowledge of editing and production, and easygoing personality make him our first call for any project.

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